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Chimney Inspections & Sweeping:

The leading factor contributing to home heating fires (25%) was failure to clean creosote from solid-fueled heating equipment in chimneys. Decrease this risk by having your chimney cleaned annually.

Repair & Restoration/ Waterproofing:

Failed and deteriorated mortar joints should be properly removed and new mortar joints installed. Mortar joints between brick and chimney crown are essential to keeping out moisture, preventing further chimney deterioration.

Rebuild Fireplaces & Chimneys:

Chimneys are far more exposed to wind, rain, snow and ice than masonry walls. Mortar joints also suffer the effects of continued expansion and contraction due to the heat of the fire and cold exterior temperatures. Left unrepaired, chimney damage can cause dangerous and unhealthy gases to enter your home or building creating a fire hazard. Left unrepaired, the structure can fail, potentially causing damage to property or worse, loss of life.

Brick Repairs/Replacement:

The damage to brick caused by external elements such as moisture, including the freezing and thawing cycle, will cause a brick to sprall. When this happens, the brick loses structural support to the masonry, and deteriorates the surrounding mortor joints. Expert masonry services provided by Complete Chimney can rectify any problems you may be experiencing with your brick structure.

Rebuild Masonry Weather Crowns:

The crown is the layer of cement sitting on top of the last row of brick. Its purpose is to shed water away from the chimney. It’s normally 2 – 3 inches thick and starts high at the flue tile then slopes down to the edge of the bricks. Because the cement is porous, it allows water to penetrate and will eventually crack when the freezing weather begins.

Install Chimney Caps & Replace Chase Tops:

Caps and chase tops prevent water penetration and damage. Water erodes the mortar joints and allows mold to enter your home or building. They also keep out birds, animals, water, and debris. Caps detour turbulent winds that increase draft flow. Also it protects brick and mortar joints on your chimney, as well as the masonry weather crown.

Flue Relining:

Cracks in flue tiles allow gases, creosote and heat to leak out between the flue and the chimney. Flue tile deterioration can allow deadly flue gases to escape into your home through the tiniest cracks. In the most severe cases there can be partial or complete collapse of the clay liner, spilling deadly fumes throughout the home. Fortunately, all of these problems can be corrected with a flue liner, therefore avoiding completely rebuilding the chimney.

Industry experience over the last few decades have conclusively demonstrated that venting gas appliances into masonry chimneys results in the rapid break-down of clay tile liners and the eventual destruction of the overall chimney structure.

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